Margit is in the museum looking back at things when the past attacks.                                             Margit: Ouch!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The museum guard: I told you.

MUMMY BROWN is the second performance in Susie Wang's horror-trilogy about human nature. With the female body as an excavation field, Susie Wang makes a kind of opposite archeology, where the past finds man and draws her down.

Concept: Susie Wang Text/direction: Trine Falch Sound/music: Martin Langlie Light: Bo Krister Wallström og Philip Isaksen SFX: Fanney Antonsdottir Stage technician: Tony Endre Hestnes Coordinator and foto: Alette Schei Rørvik

Actors: Valborg Frøysnes, Kim Atle Hansen, Mona Solhaug og Mari Strand Ferstad

Thanks to: Olav Myrtvedt, Jean Vincent Kerebel, Emmy Christensen, Lina Hindrum, Goksøyr&Martens, Verdensteatret, Dramatikkens Hus, Rom for Dans

Supported by: Arts Council Norway